Winter Is Over! Let’s Get The Grill Ready!

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Get Your Grill Ready For Spring

If you aren’t lucky enough to live in an area that has year-round weather for outdoor grilling, chances are your grill has been sitting either under snow or in the garage.  So let’s drag it out and get it ready for a full season of tasty grilling.

Inspect Your Grill

First things, first- if you didn’t clean the ashes out of the bottom of your grill before you put it away, now’s the time.  Once that’s out of the way, you can see if there are any rust spots on the bottom.  It wouldn’t be any fun to have a load of hot coals fall through the bottom of your grill.  If it’s rusted, it’s going to be difficult to repair, so it’s probably a good time to go shopping.  (Our next blog will be a guide to picking out the best grill for your needs.)  If your handles are loose, just tighten them up and make sure they’re secure.

Cleaning the Grill

Check your grates and make sure they’re still in good shape.  Usually a firm scraping with a wire brush will do the trick.  Finish it off with warm water and dishwashing liquid.  For more stubborn residue, you can use a scotch pad or cloth.   If you want a green solution for those really stuck on bits, try lemon juice and salt. Pat a little bit of salt on the stuck particle and spritz with a little lemon juice.  Let sit for a few minutes and then wipe off.

Once you’ve taken care of the inside, give the outside a good cleaning with some soapy water.  If you want to get your old grill looking extra spiffy, you can buy spray paint especially formulated for the high-heat of grills.  Just make sure you clean the surface thoroughly or it won’t adhere properly.

Preventive Maintenance

Sturdy grill racks are an important key to a successful barbecue. Using a cooking spray or lard helps keep them in good shape.  If you have cast iron grates, lard is a great tool to keep meat from sticking.  After each grilling session make sure you use your grill brush to clean off any leftover particles. Doing this regularly can help you shorten the cleaning process next year!

Stock Up

Checking the charcoal, lighter fluid, smoke chips, and any grill planks you may have left over. Make sure no critters have gotten into your fluid or charcoal. When in doubt toss it out. If you’re an avid BBQ’er like we are, you’ll need to head to the store to stock up since you used it all last year!


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