Perfect Score for Chicken Thighs

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“We debuted our Lunchbox Rotisserie Charcoal Grill and Rotisserie Basket at the Kings of the Grill Competition in St. Louis.  

Combined with my Award Winning Competition BBQ Rub and a few secret techniques this grill exceeded my expectations. I always knew that my chicken had the flavor and appearance to be outstanding but I needed a vehicle to bring out and showcase it’s true appearance, taste and juiciness. When I turned my Chicken Box into the judges I knew that I had a winner but I was not prepared for what happened at the Awards Ceremony in St. Louis this past weekend.

When they announced our team winning 1st place in the Chicken Category I was very happy but when I stepped up to receive my check and trophy the announcer paused and announced that for the first time in the history of the St. Louis BBQ Society a team had received a PERFECT 225 SCORE. This is what all competitors seek to achieve. I was blown away. I understand that we will be presented with another award recognizing our perfect score at a later date.

After the ceremony my tent was swamped with fellow competitors wanting to know what we did to achieve a perfect score. I explained that my rub coupled with this innovative competition grill made all the difference. Several teams expressed serious interest in acquiring one of these grills.”

Ted Coleman, Competition BBQ Champion

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