Lunchbox Charcoal Grill is the best small charcoal grill for tailgating, beach parties, rotisserie grilling, BBQ ribs, chicken, pork, steaks and chicken thighs and drumsticks, made in the u.s.a.

...and any true BBQ fan also knows that a cheap grill won't stand up to the high heat, meat juices, weather and spilled beer for long.  Are you a true BBQ fan?  Make an investment in a hand-crafted, full-featured grill and enjoy delicious BBQ for years to come.  The Lunchbox is designed to be the most versatile and solidly constructed BBQ grill anywhere.  Whether you're cooking steaks, prime rib or rotisserie chicken, you'll feel the pride of BBQ'ing on an heirloom quality grill.




Rotisserie Prime Rib

If you’ve never rotisserie roasted a prime rib, you are going to have a new BFF (Best Food Friend). The Lunchbox Charcoal Grill’s patented charcoal hopper grills your beef, chicken or turkey with indirect heat, so it bastes itself while cooking slowly to insure the most juicy and flavorful BBQ you’ve ever tasted from a small grill!


Rotisserie Chicken

True to the Chickenmaster Grill family name, the Lunchbox elevates rotisserie chicken beyond what you'd get at your local grocery store.  The self-basting action of the rotisserie insures you'll get the juiciest, most flavorful chicken you've ever eaten.  The Lunchbox has been designed to be able to handle two 4 lb. birds with no problem, so nobody's going hungry!

Grilled Steaks

One of the great features of the Lunchbox Charcoal Grill is having the versatility to go from rotisserie grilling to traditional flat grate grilling in an instant.  After the chicken, ribs or prime beef is cooked, the unique design of the charcoal hopper allows you to flip it down to a horizontal position, setting it up as a direct heat source for grilling thick, juicy steaks.  

Rotisserie Ribs-Part 1

The idea of rotisserie grilling a rack of ribs is genius.  The self-basting action and indirect heat creates a fantastic color on the outside, a pink smoke ring on the inside, and the juiciest, most flavorful ribs ever.  The Rib Basket accessory can handle 2-3 big racks of ribs, more than enough for a family gathering.  This is Part 1, checkout the end result on Part 2.

Rotisserie Ribs-Part 2

Check out the mouth-watering result of "Did Somebody Say Ribs-Part 1".  These ribs are bigger than the Lunchbox Grill, but this BBQ powerhouse has the features that will make ribs easy and delicious to make anytime.  Fall-of-the-bone tender, incredible charcoal flavor and the Rib Basket rotisserie attachment creates a self-basting rib cooker that your friends are going to ask to borrow, but tell them to get their own!

The Lunchbox Grill History

The Lunchbox Charcoal Grill has humble beginnings.  Randy Stier of Specialty Welding & Fabricating of NY designed a "Mega Grill" for use by a local fire department to cook 150 chickens.  He dubbed the grill "Chickenmaster" and continued to develop other grills for homeowner use.  The Lunchbox is the smallest in the family, but packed with features of it's big brothers!  Check them out at